Outcome as a service

Knowing the industry’s needs enables our IT specialists to tailor solutions that assist clients to run operations more efficiently and reduce costs. The entire value chain benefits from our approach, from the machine manufacturers to distributors to machine owners.

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Talpa Solutions

What we put into a partnership:

TALPA leverages its strategic partners’ expertise to identify industry challenges and develop relevant solutions. Solutions that address specific pain points and enable new data-driven business models and revenue sources as well as operational performance improvement.

Data Science

Data Science is the foundation of the insights we provide. Our data scientists have world-class skills in programming, statistics, AI and machine learning algorithm execution.

Subject Matter Experts

Understanding your machine’s activities, connectivity and health status is a basic prerequisite for putting your data into context.

Industry Experts

Each heavy industry domain comes with specific requirements. We understand the industry’s challenges from OEM to end user and know how to realize a digital strategy.

Software Development

Our specialized talents ensure that the visible solutions are user-friendly and intuitive with all background processes running smoothly, fast and scalable.

Talpa Solutions

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