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We build software that empowers organizations to effectively integrate their data, decisions, and operations. Our predictive platform optimizes performance, reduces asset failures, and enhances safety.


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We deliver transparent and actionable insights for the heavy industry by making data accessible and understandable. Data is the key to solve the hardest industrial challenges and to reach economic success – that’s our absolute conviction.

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Data-Driven Operations Management that Drives Margins.

After only four months of using TALPA, a quarry operation was able to identify $12,500 in annual savings per ultra-class…

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Data-Driven Services Management that Saves Costs.

Implementation of a machine health monitoring and service management system at several mines of a major operator in Europe allowed…

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TALPA is already established in the heavy industry through strategic partnerships with established and skilled engineering, manufacturing and distributing companies.

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This is TALPA Solutions.

TALPA Solutions is a data analytics company founded in Essen, Germany in 2016.  We provide predictive analytics solutions for both fixed and mobile assets, covering machinery and equipment in various industries, including mining, logistics, and construction. Our company offers a predictive analytics platform that uses both real-time and historical data from machinery and equipment to optimize operations for equipment operators and managers.

TALPA’s end-to-end solution also serves as the connection between asset/component manufacturers and fleet owners by fostering a community for industrial intelligence. The platform enables equipment manufacturers to develop new service offerings, such as refined diagnosis and repair solutions. Owners of equipment benefit from the platform’s monitoring and optimization solutions.

TALPA helps prevent unscheduled downtime, extend the lifespan of machinery, and improve equipment dispatching and planning through the whole product lifestyle.

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