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Data Alone Isn't Enough.

At TALPA, we help companies turn unused data into smarter industrial operations. Most organizations use as little as 1% of their own machine data. We offer real-time insights from equipment with deep industrial intelligence and an easy-to-use UI. Our purpose-built products for heavy industry are simpler, easier to scale, and faster to return value than standard AI/ML solutions.

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Setting the Standard for Analytics and Expertise

We deploy in-house industry experts who have a deep understanding of client needs and “speak the same language”. At the same time, we are a tech company: we are a reliable partner that can explain technology to our customers and partners.

Our unified approach makes it easier for the company to integrate and analyze disparate data sources and generate productive insights. The platform is OEM- or vertical-agnostic, allowing for the application of lessons learned across verticals. We are going beyond the client’s expectations by providing tailored solutions on a scalable, industry- and OEM-agnostic data platform. This flexible and responsive approach fits perfectly with our entrepreneurial philosophy: start with clients’ pain points, then solve them.

Our focus is on the user: we want to change their experience by offering actionable insights. Therefore insights are translated back into the initial language of the client’s system and are integrated into the client’s workflows through applications that run on TALPAs platform. Applications designed for specific processes or uses make TALPAs findings actionable for a broad spectrum of stakeholders within an organization.

We encourage every team member, from engineer to data scientist, to go into the field to learn about a partner’s industry from the ground up—literally. Staying in touch with our customers keeps us grounded, gives us credibility, and ensures that talpasolutions is solving real, complex, and relevant industrial problems. Hence, knowing your shoe size is crucial to our business so that we can outfit everyone with safety boots.

Critical Information at our users fingertips.

Industrial companies possess vast amounts of data that hold immense value. However, extracting that value requires the right tools, and that’s where TALPA comes in. Our company’s foundation is built on data science, and it powers every aspect of what we do.

Mission-Critical Engineering.

With industrial data being notoriously complex and disorganized, TALPA’s expertise is invaluable in converting it into clear, actionable insights. Since our inception, we have prioritized world-class data science, and our team of over 50 highly sought-after data scientists are known for their tenacity, inquisitiveness, and results-driven approach.

our leadership

Entrepreneurial Grounded.

At Talpa, our founder-led management team brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge from various industries. With a focus on providing strong leadership to the organization, our team is dedicated to driving innovation and achieving success.

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