Are you listening to your heavy equipment?

We are!

Tailor made applications

Stop looking at irrelevant information!
Our applications show real-time data, performance indicators, risk assessments and recommend actions at one glance.

Actionable insights, presented in a user-friendly manner! Use our digital solution to:
Obtain the insights you need!
Get to action in just 3 clicks!
Find everything on 1 screen!

Interested in the vast array of further possibilities that will arise when our applications give your equipment a voice?

Listen to your equipment! Let it explain itself how it is performing and why targets are not being met or excelled. By adapting such insights into your operations, you will set more eager targets.

Let your equipment tell you how it feels! Have the right people notified in real-time and before failure. Get actionable insights to avoid disruptions.

Let your equipment plan its maintenance! No one knows better, when to perform maintenance and what components to focus on.

Our core business applications:

Performance & Process Insights
Remote Diagnostic & Troubleshooting
Event Analysis, Condition & Safety Monitoring

Become a part

Jointly we leverage the potentials of digitalization: Boost asset performance and reduce the total cost of ownership!

You want your fleet to perform better than
ever and reduce your costs?
Join the network and become an
Integration Partner!
  • you own a fleet of large machines or assets;
  • you want to run your operations more efficiently and reduce operational expenditures;
  • you get the talpacortex installed on your assets;
  • you get access to the talpaplatform with individual access authorizations;
  • you benefit from the actionable insights provided by talpasolutions’ core business applications;
  • you compile your own dashboards with critical information and KPIs;
  • you boost your operational efficiency and become more competitive by reducing your costs!
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You want to guide your customers
in the digital era?
Join the network and become a
Distribution Partner!
  • you are a forward-thinking heavy industry company;
  • you want to provide industry-leading solutions to enable your clients to put data to work;
  • you are authorized to market the talpacortex as part of the products you deliver or as retrofitting for your machines already in use;
  • you establish access to the talpaplatform with user-individual authorizations;
  • you let your clients benefit from the actionable insights provided by talpasolutions’ core business applications;
  • you improve your own product or service offerings with digital insights;
  • you gain new customers and upsell their existing channels by digitalization!
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You want to become a digital pioneer
and open new revenue streams?
Join our endeavor to digital leadership as Enterprise Partner!
  • you are an OEM and want to conquer future markets with data-driven services;
  • you re-assess your digital strategy and realize new opportunities to conquer new markets;
  • you extend your offering with digital products to complement and promote your core products;
  • you optimize engineering with data from your customer;
  • you deepen your customer relation with on-point service offerings based on digital insights;
  • you reduce your service costs by optimized allocation of spare parts and customer service missions;
  • you become or remain industry leaders by leveraging the full potential of digitalization!
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Success stories

We believe in results, not buzzwords and promises!

Digitalization is a global endeavor!

We enable our network to fully participate in the digital market. Anywhere in the world digital applications are the main driver behind innovation and productivity. Do not lose your market by lagging behind! Be a part and actively shape the digital era!

South Africa

Enterprise Partnership

How data availability boosts customer satisfaction

We access data of any asset whether it’s 1,200 m underground or on the other side of the globe. By establishing a notification system for crucial errors, we enabled a major OEM of underground equipment to boost service and after-sales intelligence. Our partner is able to send customer service equipped with the right spares and information at the right time.
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Distribution Partnership

How data improves businesses and competitiveness

We enabled our partners from an established mining technology provider to sharpen their offerings, improve their service and identify upselling potential. They were enabled to monitor and report on the condition and performance of their customers’ machines. Based on the additional knowledge new revenue streams have been established by offering data-driven services.
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Integration Partnership

How data makes your business profitable and sustainable

Machines integrated into our solutions perform better. A well known primary energy producer profited from this fact. Our system led to a statistically proven increase in overall equipment efficiency by 13 %. Operations became more productive with less operational expenditures by utilizing assets more efficiently while increasing their technical availability.
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