Shared pain, shared gain

That’s what we mean by partnership!


Collaborative disruption instead of revolutionizing the industry from the outside!
We’re convinced that industry-leading solutions can only be built in collaboration with forward-thinking partners.

Our unique business model revolves around strategic partnerships with established and skilled engineering, manufacturing and distributing companies.
You have access to assets and heavy equipment and therefore to large amount of data? We have the expertise and technology to put your data to work!

Jointly we make the Industrial Internet of Things become reality and create new revenue streams.

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We analyze complex data not just because we can, but because our insights help to utilize machines as efficient as possible!

We know your pain points and those of your equipment!

Knowing the industry’s needs enables our IT specialists to tailor solutions that assist clients to run operations more efficiently and reduce costs. The entire value chain benefits from our approach, from the machine manufacturers to distributors to machine owners.

Industry experts

Each heavy industry domain comes with specific requirements. We understand the industry’s challenges from OEM to end user and know how to realize a digital strategy.

Subject matter experts

Understanding your machine’s activities, connectivity and health status is a basic prerequisite for putting your data into context.

Data Science

Data Science is the foundation of the insights we provide. Our data scientists have world-class skills in programming, statistics, AI and machine learning algorithm execution.

Software development

Our specialized talents ensure that the visible solutions are user-friendly and intuitive with all background processes running smoothly, fast and scalable.

Working with talpasolutions means:

Clear talk, quick wins and convincing actionable insights
Rapid innovation through agile development methods
New and data-driven revenue streams


Learn how to benefit


You can’t solve the hardest industrial challenges without cutting-edge hardware and state of the art data-driven solutions!

From End-to-End data integrity to data analytics to actionable insights:

from talpacortex
to talpaplatform
to your tailored applications.
By combining and standardizing sensor and contextual data we offer data integrity – regardless of the manufacturer of your client’s machines or the employed business systems. Our applications provide actionable insights without replacing the existing IT landscape.

Let your machines reach their next evolutionary stage.

Your machines produce vast amounts of data. We put it to work.


End-to-End asset integration with talpacortex

Just like the human cortex, the talpacortex is capable of processing sensory perceptions, planning and executing movements and complex thinking. The high-tech processing unit, specially developed for harsh conditions, collects, records, pre-processes and transmits all data generated by the sensors, which are already installed on your machines. Edge computing is part of our digital baseline. talpacortex comes with capacities to run 3rd party software and to fuel it with the data it needs.
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Mount anywhere

Made for dirt! Extreme heat, cold, wet or other harsh environments don’t bother talpacortex!

Allocate everywhere

GPS, RTK, Wi-Fi, LTE: talpacortex ensures reliable data transmission and positioning in any scenario!

Machine communication

talpacortex processes sensor data and communicates automatically with other machines.

talpaplatform: holistic view through data integrity

The talpaplatform is the operating system for the heavy industry, that makes data understandable and breaks up isolated data silos of business units, processes and machines.
Our data science engine screens, sorts, harmonizes and encrypts all data with industry-leading methods. This data standardization enables near-real-time analysis to generate actionable insights within our applications.

Execute with speed to truly innovate

Our partners benefit from existing and accurate data science models and algorithms. Besides we ensure that production-ready tools can be in place within weeks, not months.

Machine learning

The cross-learning talpaplatform anonymizes data to share insights across multiple verticals. Our data science engine becomes continuously more intelligent and robust the more data it is fed with.

Actionable insights in tailored applications

Benefit from the fact that the tailor-made web-based applications on the talpaplatform can be integrated without any IT adjustments at all. The analytical insights directly support your or your client’s workflows. Applications designed for specific processes and uses make the insights actionable for a variety of people within an organization. On top of that, the applications alert responsible people to potential disruptions and provide them with recommendations and exactly the information they need to act.
no change to client’s IT landscape required
insights and action that fit into the workflow
notifications for the right person at the right time

Data handling

We make no compromises whatsoever regarding the protection of your data!
We bear the responsibility to process the data of our partners with the greatest possible care.

The value of data is our core belief. Therefore, we strictly do not forward data to any other party unless its original owner explicitly requests it.

The anonymization of your sensitive information has the highest priority for us! Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art de-identification techniques such as randomisation.

We use industry-leading security solutions to ensure the integrity of your sensitive data. All our servers are ISO 27001-certified and undergo regularly independent verification of their security, privacy, and compliance controls.