Introducing our new brand design and corporate website

talpasolutions can look back on a rapid development over the last three years. We have established ourself internationally and become increasingly well known in heavy industry. Our interdisciplinary team of nowadays almost forty employees has the skill and spirit to redefine technical limits and is constantly growing.

It is in the nature of things that with such growth new challenges arise and a different level of professionalism is required, both internally and externally. External presentation and the creation of standard processes to keep efficiency are areas of increasing importance. Our development gives us the right to say: “We are solid, we are reliable, we are professional” – qualities, that we want to transmit to the outside and that our new brand design and logo symbolize.

“The logo stands for clarity, focus and innovation and delivers on the visual style of today. It is flat and simple and can be used with great flexibility in many digital use cases regardless of positioning and size of the screen. The new contemporary and future-proof brand design signifies talpasolutions’ leading role for making the Industrial Internet of Things become reality in heavy industry. We’re looking forward to starting a new chapter and facing new challenges under the new design”, says Sebastian Kowitz, CEO of talpasolutions.

The new corporate website enhances the user experience with a clear structure and focus on its target audiences. The improved and more informative content is reachable with fewer clicks and the fully responsive design makes the website easy to use on mobile devices. Sebastian Kowitz: “We are convinced that the site′s new content and structure provide the most relevant content for all of our stakeholders, although it won’t be the last step of developing our digital presence. Stay tuned!”

The new brand design is externally introduced by the publication of the new corporate website on April 10th, 2020. It will be implemented across all communication channels online and offline from business cards to the underground hardware of talpasolutions.