Today’s world consists of data. In all imaginable areas one must deal with these. We live in the age of digitization, which means that all areas of today’s industry will be digitized from a certain point in time. Without this, it is difficult for a company to survive today. This step into the digital age naturally creates incomprehensible masses of data – called Big Data.

Of course, these masses of data also require good management in order to benefit from them. This can also be exploited by the mining industry. Many machines already contain sensors that can collect all kinds of data but do not use it. Industry 4.0 is an immense opportunity to exploit the potential of machines.

To do this you have to stick to the five V’s of Big Data:

  • Velocity – The speed at which data is generated and transmitted.
  • Variety – The diversity and heterogeneity of the data.
  • Veracity – The trustworthiness and quality of the data.
  • Volume – The amount and amount of data.
  • Value – The value the data represents.

Companies such as Samsung and Daimler are pioneers in this field. Such companies have also created an IoT (Internet of Things) which makes it possible to network physical and virtual objects with each other.

Companies are under pressure to get products to market faster and deliver greater personalisation. 69% of adopters are using IoT to increase efficiencies and optimise asset utilisation. 63% are using it to monitor environments — such as light, temperature and humidity — helping them maintain product quality and workplace safety

Important questions that are asked in industry are, for example, “How can I avoid machine failures? How can I improve the quality of my products? How can I further automate? Big Data should help to answer these questions.

If you haven’t done it yet, you should definitely consider digitizing your business and moving into the fourth generation of the industry!